We know you. We’ve been you. You're a family photographer. Maybe you're in business, maybe you love to shoot for your own family albums. You know your stuff but you want to delve more into the art of creating beautiful images that make both you AND your clients happy. You might be new to the business, or you might just be at that point where you want to expand into a profitable "in-home" offering and take that next step in your business, and your art.

You understand the value in capturing in-home sessions for your clients but sometimes struggle to get your clients to do the same. You want to find a way to mesh your vision with your client's vision. To shoot what you love and to be profitable in your business in doing so. Most importantly, you're ready to connect with other people who are just like you. To spend a few days getting to the heart of what you want to shoot, and how to make that happen.