We know you. We’ve been you. You're a family photographer. Maybe you're in business, maybe you love to shoot for your own family albums. You know your stuff but you want to delve more into the art of creating beautiful images that make both you AND your clients happy. You might be new to the business, or you might just be at that point where you want to expand into a profitable "in-home" offering and take that next step in your business, and your art.

You understand the value in capturing in-home sessions for your clients but sometimes struggle to get your clients to do the same. You want to find a way to mesh your vision with your client's vision. To shoot what you love and to be profitable in your business in doing so. Most importantly, you're ready to connect with other people who are just like you. To spend a few days getting to the heart of what you want to shoot, and how to make that happen.




Ours is a love story that started in the middle of the night via FB messenger. We both already had... shall we call them 'spirited' girls, so when our boys were born only two days apart, we quickly bonded over lack of sleep, milk intake conversations and discussing how to grapple a wild child whilst nursing a tiny tot. Because of our twelve hour time difference, the middle of the night for one of us was the middle of the day for the other, meaning that even in those darkest hours of despair, we always knew there was a friendly face at the other end of messenger.

But on top of that, (and probably more importantly to you!) we had a mutual love and adoration of one another's work, most especially our in-home work. We realised that for both of us, that was where our true creative hearts lay, and one sleep-deprived night, we realised we wanted to spread that love. And so, He(art) of Home was born, snd the first retreat took place in summer 2018 in gorgeous Cheltenham, UK. Due to such high demand from you guys, we will be taking He(art ) of Home international in 2019 - New York, USA; Warsaw, Poland; and London, UK we’re coming at you!


Clare - Co-Founder and Teacher

Clare is an award-winning, internationally published lifestyle photographer who is basically in love with shooting families in their own spaces, (because really, that's where the magic happens.) She spends her time at shoots looking for the details, and working on posing that doesn't look remotely posed. Her love of rich shadows that help to tell a story borders on the obsessive, and she is happiest when she can find that light and create beautiful chaos in it. On top of all of this, one of her favourite things to do is to teach other people how to find and take the photographs that make their hearts happy. She is originally a Brit, but having lived in Russia, Malaysia, and now Singapore, she has almost forgotten what a proper English cup of tea tastes like, so isn't sure she can really call herself British anymore (although the sarcastic sense of humour will never leave her.)

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Yasmina - Co-Founder and Teacher

Yasmina is an award-winning family and lifestyle photographer based out of Washington D.C. who has been featured in publications such as the Washingtonian and the Huffington Post amongst others. She is a lover of the unconventional and is passionate about capturing honest and authentic storytelling moments in her professional and personal work. Her favourite stories to capture are those within the four walls of home. Her photojournalistic style was driven by a deep wanderlust and keen interest in people’s stories, big and small. She strives to capture that authenticity and shared human experience in her work. She loves to teach, connect with likeminded photographers and form lasting friendships through the shared love of the art.  She is never happier than when she is spending time with her two kiddos and Northern Irish husband, making the UK her home away from home.

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Agi - Event and Sponsorship Coordinator

Agi is an internationally published family and lifestyle photographer based in the UK. She is a light and colour chaser, focused on finding the beauty and magic in every day. Through her work, she aims to not only document the story but more to convey timeless connections. Born in Poland, she has been living abroad for more than a decade with her Australian partner and their British daughter, and so the meaning of 'Home' is particularly significant to her and her work. She is a He(art) of Home Alumni, and feels the workshop pushed her work into the next level. Clare and Yas have given her the creative injection she was looking for and the whole He(art) of Home group has become one of her most important support networks of friendships in the industry. She is delighted to have become the Event and Sponsorship coordinator for He(art) of Home

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