This workshop is built around the idea of home and our shared love of lifestyle photography. We aim to connect with photographers who want to embrace the unconventional in their business and photograph families where they feel most happy and at ease: at home. 

Why the He(art) of Home? 

We are 100% committed to creating a space that allows for learning in an intimate setting, allowing you to be heard and giving each participant the time you need for a worthwhile learning experience. We want to encourage discussion, questions and friendships that go beyond just the surface of in-home photography.

We know there are so many workshops out there to choose from. Our focus is on capturing the beauty of everyday life in the home and how to make that focus a worthwhile and profitable offering in your business. Our hope is that the boutique setting and specific focus will give participants the opportunity to learn from one another well as from us. 

We want you to walk away from this workshop with everything you need to start taking the photographs that you want to, and running your business in whatever way you define as successful.


We plan to tell you as much as we can about how we photograph, how we find our clients, and how we give them the very best experience. We don't believe in keeping things secret, or only sharing tips and tricks with our friends. What we believe is that there is space for every single person inside this industry, and that lifting one person up lifts the entire industry up. Community over competition for the win!

On top of all of that you'll watch both of us shoot (and have lots of time to shoot yourself), get time to get to know and bond with your new (or old!) friends, pick our brains at any time of day or night, and spend a weekend relaxing + sharing in all things photography in a beautiful space.

What we won't teach you is how to be clones of us (nobody needs more Clare and Yasminas in the world!) What we will teach you is what we do, and why it works for us. We'll explain our process, from the time the client gets in touch, every part of our shoots, and how we follow up. 

We are open books and honestly just love teaching, and more importantly love connecting with other photographers who love in-home photography as much as we do.