Friday PM:

Arrive any time after 4pm, settle in, explore get to know one another, drink wine, and eat good food. We'll have an informal welcome reception starting at 6pm. This is the kick off to our weekend of learning and new friendships! 

Chat into the night or get an early night ready for the next day (you choose).

Saturday AM:

Delish home-cooked breakfast followed by Yasmina telling you every thing there is to know about how she shoots in-home lifestyle. This is where you get to discover how she creates the magic moments in her shoots. She'll talk about how she captures authenticity in her shoots, knowing and finding light in your client homes, how to compose with purpose and how she balances creating versus waiting for special moments to capture. She'll discuss how she interacts and manages her clients, from first inquiry all the way through to gallery and image delivery. She'll walk you through how she's created a niche with in-home photography and made it a profitable offering in her business. 


Saturday PM:

Communal portfolio reviews. Which are nowhere nearly as scary as they sound. We'll all have a chance to really dig into what your work is saying, how others see it, and what the next step is. This is honestly going to be one of the most beneficial parts of the workshop for any and all of you, and is where the growth really happens. You don't need to have a professional portfolio - just your favourite images, ready to show. Once you register, we will send you all the details you need to prepare your portfolio for this review. 

Saturday evening:

Supper at the local pub (this is the only meal not covered by us over the whole weekend). A chance to refresh, unwind, and chat with your new besties! Learn more about each other and recap of day one. 


Sunday AM: 

More delicious food followed by Clare spilling the beans on how she works. She'll talk about getting the beautiful shots that she specialises in where her clients look relaxed and beautiful. She'll talk about finding 'your' light (even in the darkest of houses), and how to use it, and she'll really go into detail about how she runs a session to get the best images she possibly can.  She'll also cover how she's made her business work for her as a working mum; pricing, finding your clients, products and more.

Sunday PM

Shoot time! We'll spilt into smaller groups for this so that everyone gets decent shooting time. Both Clare and Yasmina will lead a group, working with a real family, in-home. You'll get a chance to watch both of us shoot, as well as getting plenty of time to shoot yourself. You'll each get a chance to take-over part of the session, and we'll help you get the images that you've always wanted to get (and know how to get them every time.)

Sunday evening:

Sit back, relax, eat yet more gorgeous food and enjoy our final evening together. This is your chance to dissect everything that you've learnt, or alternatively chill with new friends and enjoy one last evening of 'you' time! If you need to you can also head home tonight, but the house is available until Monday morning, so you're welcome to stay and make the most of it!

Monday AM:

Time for one last quick meal together and then head off home, full of information, self-belief and inspiration!