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I am so glad I booked the Heart of Home workshop this summer…

It has easily been the most inspiring weekend for my photography, in both a personal and business sense, this year! The venue was amazing, the advice, learning opportunities and sheer volume of information being shared was immense. It was such a great investment and for a 3 night stay in a beautiful house with a dozen new friends (and a hot tub) with the majority of food (and wine!) included, it was fantastic value even without including all of the educational aspects from two truly talented photographers. Clare and Yas are both amazing teachers and just such wonderful, generous people. I'm still learning since the workshop and they (and my fellow attendees) are all there to offer advice and give a once over to anything new we've all been trying. We've become each others' cheerleaders and sympathetic ears, I'm so lucky to have met them all!

My first session since the workshop was my favourite ever, I loved it and am thrilled with the results, as was my client! I'm brimming with ideas and have loved seeing my clients cry happy tears over what I've captured when viewing their photos for the first time.

There's a fire in my belly and true excitement over where I can take my photography since taking this workshop, my confidence has been boosted no end and I am loving it! Can't wait for the alumni meet up next year!” Bex, Bex Photo 

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“My reasons for investing in a workshop were first and foremost getting to learn from people I admire…

… and get to know what, how and why they do the things they do, both creatively and in business. And I am very happy about this! Clare and Yas both opened their hearts and shared all their knowledge and experiences with all of us. 

Second; to meet a group of other photographers in similar journey, dreams and difficulties. To share and exchange our stories and experiences. I was truly amazed of how many jaw dropping images I saw this weekend! SO much talent under the same roof!

Thirdly, to be able to shoot in ”styled” sessions. It was such a learning experience seeing Clare and Yas in action. How they approached a family, their thoughts, their hows and whys. I am not afraid to be more ”hands on” with my clients anymore!😊I got a few shots I am happy with. But it was also so great to see what all the other photographers did in those same sessions in both composition and editing.

And last but not least, such a luxurious boutique experience. Living in such a gorgeous home with great food and wine. And just being with other likeminded people. It was truly an amazing experience and has made me even more confident as a lifestyle photographer. And I can’t wait to take Sweden to the next level in in-home lifestyle photography! We are so, so behind!
Anna, Anna Sandstrom Photography


“The He(art) of Home retreat is so much more than just a workshop…

…on in-home lifestyle photography. Not only were Yas and Clare beyond generous in sharing their insane talent and wealth of knowledge with us, they also invested themselves in getting to know each and every one of our individual styles.

I feel they have helped me develop my voice and refine my vision, to help me in my journey to achieve art unique to who I am as a photographer.

I may have arrived at the workshop alone, but I left as part of a community of amazing, talented, like-minded photographers. I feel uplifted and inspired with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. I simply cannot wait to pick up my camera and see what we all create in the coming months.Kirsty, Kirsty Hamilton Photography

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“When you’re away from your babies no matter how big or small..

…you just want to hug them close and inhale.

You squeeze them a little harder and hold them a little longer. No matter what chaos surrounds you from your day it’s these little moments that matter.

I’m so glad I got to record this for Clare Barker Wells.

Not only is she an international photography force to be reckoned with she a mother - just like me, who appreciates the moments in-between. I dedicate this to TWO amazing women Clare Barker Wells & Yasmina Cowan. It feels in some way that everyone at He(art) of Home Workshop this past weekend have been their ‘babies’. You’ve taught us so much, listened, observed and guided us with your expert hands, and given us your all - just as any good mother would. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Lisa, And Then She Clicked Photography

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“I just wanted to say thank you so much for such an AMAZING time…

…The inspiration boost, the spirit and the friendships. It was so incredible to be in the home full of like minded woman, artists and from the moment I have walked in I felt as if we have known each other for years.

Thank you so much again and hopefully see you guys again, somewhere in the world.

I have a big smile on my face now and head full of ideas. Thank you!!”
Agi, Hush Pictures

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“Feeling inspired in all sorts of ways…

…and that is down to all of you guys. A HUGE thank you to Clare & Yasmina for putting on an incredible workshop and being so open and willing to share all your wisdom and experience with us. It totally surpassed my (high!) expectations and everything I have learnt from you will have such an impact on my business, I can’t wait to get started 😀

Meeting everyone else has been the icing on the cake - I’ve loved chatting all things photography (and motherhood) with everyone. I’ve already booked in a portfolio building session and am really excited to try out a new approach and some new ideas.” Hannah, Montague Photography