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“My reasons for investing in a workshop were first and foremost getting to learn from people I admire…

… and get to know what, how and why they do the things they do, both creatively and in business. And I am very happy about this! Clare and Yas both opened their hearts and shared all their knowledge and experiences with all of us. 

Second; to meet a group of other photographers in similar journey, dreams and difficulties. To share and exchange our stories and experiences. I was truly amazed of how many jaw dropping images I saw this weekend! SO much talent under the same roof!

Thirdly, to be able to shoot in ”styled” sessions. It was such a learning experience seeing Clare and Yas in action. How they approached a family, their thoughts, their hows and whys. I am not afraid to be more ”hands on” with my clients anymore!😊I got a few shots I am happy with. But it was also so great to see what all the other photographers did in those same sessions in both composition and editing.

And last but not least, such a luxurious boutique experience. Living in such a gorgeous home with great food and wine. And just being with other likeminded people. It was truly an amazing experience and has made me even more confident as a lifestyle photographer. And I can’t wait to take Sweden to the next level in in-home lifestyle photography! We are so, so behind!
Anna, Anna Sandstrom Photography